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Embassy Accreditation:

    Seacoast Logistics-Professional China agent certification, countersignature, embassy certification, embassy countersignature, Hong Kong certification, Chilean embassy certification, Brazil embassy certification, British embassy certification, Sweden embassy certification, Netherlands embassy certification, Egypt embassy certification, Belgium embassy certification, Argentina embassy certification, Pakistan embassy certification, Algeria embassy certification, Bulgaria embassy certification, China Seacoast company  have 20 years of experience in providing Certificate of Origin embassy certification for the above mentioned countries;If you need certificate of origin embassy certification services for other countries, please contact Seacoast logistics company!

1.Simple procedure


Double-clearance customs declaration and inspection for foreign countries; to handle all Customs clearance procedures for you.

2.Fast speed


We provide the best speed of customs clearance and effectiveness of customs clearance; both export and import customs clearance and inspection are done within one day.

 3. Excellent service


 Provide the most comprehensive range of customs clearance methods for customers to choose from

for the Customs Clearance what you must read the following:

What Shipping Documents are Required at the Destination?

When is the bill of lading generally open?

Opening time, cut-off time for replenishment, cut-off time for customs and cut-off time for release?

How to declare customs clearance procedures in advance?

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