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When the exporter does not have the right to export or do not want to use their own company's name on the export documents (commonly known as export verification documents). But the export must be export documents ,this time in the Guangdong area usually through the customs broker to buy other companies have the right to import and export export business export verification documents used to declare the customs buy single customs declaration. Seacoast Customs Brokerage Company has a number of import and export companies to provide customs clearance services!

Buy a single customs declaration: The so-called buy a single export, is in their own company does not have the right to import and export business on the basis of entrusting a third party, the use of third-party import and export documents (including invoices, packing slips, customs clearance instructions, write-off orders, if necessary, to provide special certificates and other documents), to help their products through the customs audit, smooth export. Of course, this third-party company can be a trading company, but also a customs broker, if they have the legal documents and qualifications for customs clearance. In layman's terms, this is when the exporter does not have the right to export or does not want to use their own company documents (usually export verification sheets).

Export must be related to export documents, at this time in Guangdong, most of the processing enterprises, export space profit is not so considerable, to minimize the costs associated with the costs, so they take to buy a single export this way, so that they do not have import and export rights but can export.

Gradually, this buys order export has become popular in the country.  So, through foreign trade companies, import and export companies or customs brokers, buy other companies have the right to export export documents, (borrowing the name of other company’s export, of course, do not enjoy the right to tax rebates).

Used for customs clearance. Abbreviated to buy a single customs declaration.

Convenience: (provide packing list/SO/repatriation paper, other provided by the company buying the bill).

            Save: (do not have to take care of the follow-up after customs clearance, such as write-offs, do not have to take care of some of the normal necessary matters of the  import and export rights company.)

            Low risk: (If you export the goods out to foreign countries after what problems, foreign investors to pursue the responsibility to recover the export company, that is, you use other people's documents of the company, and will not find you.)

            Customer information security: (dependent on foreign trade companies are always afraid of customers being snatched away, which is the heart of many foreign trade  counterparts, buy single export never happened so)

             (The problem: because the company selling the checklist are not doing foreign trade, so there is no competition)

1.Simple procedure


Double-clearance customs declaration and inspection for foreign countries; to handle all Customs clearance procedures for you.

2.Fast speed


We provide the best speed of customs clearance and effectiveness of customs clearance; both export and import customs clearance and inspection are done within one day.

 3. Excellent service


 Provide the most comprehensive range of customs clearance methods for customers to choose from

for the Customs Clearance what you must read the following:

What Shipping Documents are Required at the Destination?

When is the bill of lading generally open?

Opening time, cut-off time for replenishment, cut-off time for customs and cut-off time for release?

How to declare customs clearance procedures in advance?

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