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Guangzhou Seacoast International Freight Forwarding Company strongly provides Guangzhou Huangpu package container customs declaration_Guangzhou package container export customs declaration_Shenzhen package container customs declaration_Shenzhen export package customs declaration, dedicated and focused! Trustworthy! 

Package customs declaration is also called package export, package customs clearance, some places are also called special report, see the field, commonly speaking is through the customs relations directly through customs.

Generally, need to package container customs clearance, package container exports for the following reasons.

 1. imitation brand goods: imitation brand name goods must be required to have the corresponding brand name authorization (otherwise it is an infringement), but the customer cannot provide.

 2. commodity inspection goods: need to provide commodity inspection clearance / exchange vouchers, but the product temporarily and cannot do commodity inspection.

3. foodstuffs: need to provide health inspection and epidemic certificate and fitness certificate, but the customer cannot provide.

4. fresh plants: general plants need to provide the endangered species certificate, which the customer cannot provide.

5. miscellaneous containers: as there are some cabinets with multiple items inside, and there are multiple items needing commodity inspection, and the resulting commodity inspection fee is more expensive than the package container customs clearance.

6. frozen cabinets: refers to seafood (health inspection), flowers (endangered certificate), etc., the customer cannot provide.

7. dangerous goods: need to provide dangerous grade certificate, which cannot be provided by customers.  

 The ports within Guangzhou customs area where the container can be declared: Huangpu Grand Pier, Huangpu Wuchang, Huangpu Jiali

     Products that can be operated include clothing, umbrellas, lamps, furniture, electrical appliances, wire, construction materials, plastic products, electronic products and other groceries, regardless of the size of the cabinet, the brand is additional, package security clearance, customs inspection fees, as much as possible to rest assured that the trust, no worries.

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1.Simple procedure


Double-clearance customs declaration and inspection for foreign countries; to handle all Customs clearance procedures for you.

2.Fast speed


We provide the best speed of customs clearance and effectiveness of customs clearance; both export and import customs clearance and inspection are done within one day.

 3. Excellent service


 Provide the most comprehensive range of customs clearance methods for customers to choose from

for the Customs Clearance what you must read the following:

What Shipping Documents are Required at the Destination?

When is the bill of lading generally open?

Opening time, cut-off time for replenishment, cut-off time for customs and cut-off time for release?

How to declare customs clearance procedures in advance?

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