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China International air freight rates 2022:

Guangzhou Seacoast International Freight Forwarding Company takes international airfreight export as its core business, providing direct and transit airfreight export business of dozens of international famous airlines from Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and other airports all over the world, and has become the main sales agent of Singapore Airlines (SQ), Japan Airlines (JL), Korean Air (KE), Emirates Airlines (EK), China Southern Airlines (CZ), Turkish Airlines (TK), Hainan Airlines (HU), China International Airlines (CA), etc. in South China. Air China (HU), China International Airlines (CA) and so on in South China's main sales agent, for many years Guangzhou cargo volume ranking priority.

Calculation method of international air freight 

(A) Billing weight: 

    The airline company stipulates that when the cargo is small in volume and large in weight, it is calculated according to the actual weight; when the cargo is large in volume and small in weight, it is calculated according to the volume. In the centralized consignment, a batch of goods consists of several different pieces of goods, there are light bubble goods and heavy goods. The billing weight is calculated by the higher of the total gross weight or total volume weight of the whole batch of goods.

(B) Types of airline tariffs and charges

  1. Tariff (RATES): The fee charged by the carrier for transporting the cargo to the specified weight unit (or volume) is called the tariff. Tariff refers to the airport to airport (AIRPORT TO AIRPORT) air charges, excluding other fees charged by the carrier, agent or airport.

  2. Freight (TRANSPORTATION CHARGES): According to the applicable tariff, the consignor or consignee should pay the transportation costs of each shipment of goods called freight.

  3. Airlines charge international air freight according to the three zones of rates set by the International Air Transport Association. The first zone mainly refers to North America, Greenland, etc.; the second zone mainly refers to Europe, Africa, Iran, etc.; the third zone mainly refers to Asia, Australia

      4. There are four main types of air cargo tariffs.

  (1) General cargo tariff (GENERAL CARGO RATE "GCR")

  (2) Special cargo tariffs or specified commodity tariffs (SPECIAL CARGO RATE; SPECIFIC COMMODITY RATE "SCR")

  (3) Class tariff of cargo (CLASS RATE "CCR").

  (4) container cargo tariffs (UNITIZED CONSIGNMENTS RATE "UCR")


(C) Minimum freight rate: 

It is the lowest freight rate that airlines can accept for handling a batch of goods, regardless of the weight or volume of the goods, and the lowest amount that should be charged for transporting a batch of goods between two points. Different regions have different starting freight rates.

(iv) Other provisions on tariffs.

(D) Various different air freight rates and charges have the following in common.

1. Tariffs are from one airport to another. And only apply to a single direction.

 2. Other additional costs are not included. Such as pick-up, customs clearance, delivery and storage costs, etc.

3. Tariffs are usually published in local currency.

4. Freight rates are usually calculated in kilograms or pounds.

5. The tariff in the air waybill is the tariff applicable on the date of issuance of the waybill.

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   Export air freight services, bonded airfreight and air consolidation services, global charter or split charter options and fast track or extended transit.

     With its own airport operation and customer service operation teams in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Shanghai, and its own logistics system, Seacoast International's airfreight services can meet the needs of all businesses and provide customized airfreight solutions to different shippers.

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