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International Airfreight Export:

Advantages of flying overseas from Hong Kong Airport

    China Seacoast Logistics company and EK, CX, AZ, NV, TG, UPS, EY, ET, QF, TK and many other international airlines have established a good and stable relationship, and Hong Kong as a free trade port, in many aspects has a unique advantage.

1. Convenient customs clearance

There are two export methods: general trade customs clearance and express customs clearance through Hong Kong airfreight. For customers who do not have complete documents or do not need tax refund, they can choose express customs clearance, which is convenient, fast and low cost.

2. Free from commodity inspection

Many products exported from the mainland need to do commodity inspection. However, the commodity inspection procedures, high costs, long time, and some even difficult to handle. The re-export from Hong Kong is free of the commodity inspection procedure, saving time, money and trouble.

3. Direct flight routes

As a free trade port, Hong Kong has more direct flight routes and more choices, and fewer flight stops and transfer points, which makes the air transport of goods faster.

4. Rich air routes

Hong Kong International Airport has dense international flights, and the route distribution is more comprehensive, covering a wide area of the world.

5. Special cargo

For pesticides, medicine, health care products and other special goods choose to export from Hong Kong, safe, simple and convenient.

6.Battery cargo

For full battery and products with built-in battery cargo only need to provide simple documents and information, after the airline inspection, you can export by air, no more test reports.


Seacoast Logistics' international air freight service from Shenzhen to overseas is fast, easy to check, safe and reliable, with strong customs clearance and delivery capability. By virtue of Shenzhen fly overseas international air freight for many years to establish service regional advantage, price advantage, time efficiency advantage and special line service advantage for the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises to provide shipping channels to the world. We are committed to creating the best service, the best price, the fastest international air service agent in Shenzhen to fly overseas.


   Export air freight services, bonded airfreight and air consolidation services, global charter or split charter options and fast track or extended transit.

     With its own airport operation and customer service operation teams in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Shanghai, and its own logistics system, Seacoast International's airfreight services can meet the needs of all businesses and provide customized airfreight solutions to different shippers.

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