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global sea freight Container Load from China 

    Relying on the three world famous ports in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Guangzhou, Guangzhou Seacoast International Freight Forwarding Company keeps business contacts with more than a dozen international shipping companies and maintains contract freight agreements with many shipping companies. 

    Professional LCL logistic solutions with customs and the support of modernized warehouses,facilities and electric systems,Consolidation Department carries the LCL shipments all over the world. For your trust, we offer our sincere commitment.

To help customers expand their business further strengthen the competitiveness of the international market, the Guangzhou Seacoast international cargo company to customers in different suppliers of goods procurement provides fast and reliable bulk freight business, in the most economic and efficient transport programmes shipped to the customer designated destination. In addition, we can provide flexible instructions, the Cargo Service, together with our professional staff, with the recent progress of the shipment of orders, and provide timely reports to clients fully grasp the latest situation of the goods to ensure that the goods arrive within a specified time, the hands of the consignee.            

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*What are the international shipping procedures?

*What factors are related to Sea freight LCL price?

*how to choose the right container?

*Which goods can't be shipped in containers?

*What are the key points of loading details in international container transportation?


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Container transport export procedures.                

  (1) booking - the consignor according to the terms of the trade contract or letter of credit, in a certain period of time before the consignment of goods to fill out the container cargo consignment note (CONTAINER BOOKING NOTE) commissioned its agent or directly to the shipping company to apply for booking.

  (2) accept the consignment application - the shipping company or the starting agent company according to their own capacity, routes and other specific circumstances to consider the requirements of the consignor, decide to accept or not, if the application is accepted to proceed to compile a list of cabin, and then distributed to the container yard (CY), container freight station (CFS), according to the arrangement of empty boxes and for freight handover.

  (3) the issuance of empty boxes - usually the whole cargo freight empty boxes by the consignor to the container terminal yard to receive, some owners have their own boxes; LCL cargo freight empty boxes by the container freight station is responsible for receiving.

  (4) LCL cargo boxing - the consignor will be less than a full container of goods handed over to the freight station, the freight station according to the booking list and field receipts are responsible for boxing, and then the container packing list prepared by the boxer (CONTAINER LOAD PLAN).

  (5) the whole container goods handover - the consignor is responsible for their own container, and will have been added to the customs seal of the whole container cargo to CY. CY according to the booking list, check the yard receipt (DOCK RECEIPT D / R) and packing list acceptance of goods.

  (6) Visa for container handover - CY or CFS signs the DOCK RECEIPT and returns the signed D/R to the consignor after acceptance of the cargo and/or the container.

  (7) exchange for bill of lading - the consignor with D / R to the container transport operator or its agent to exchange for a bill of lading (COMBINED TRANSPORT BILL OF LADING), and then go to the bank for settlement.

  (8) loading - container handling area according to the loading situation, the development of the loading plan, and will be shipped out of the box to adjust to the container terminal in front of the yard, after the ship docked, can be loaded out of the ship.

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