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The latest special price of sea freight dangerous goods loading service

    Seacoast Logistics and major shipping company has close cooperative relations, professional staff will operate in accordance with your request for your timely and accurate tailored to the most efficient mode of transport, and to provide a reasonable tariff for reference.


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    Seacoast Logisticsuses Huangpu as the main port for the shipment of dangerous goods, and has its own dangerous goods trailers, tonnage trucks 

and associated dangerous goods storage warehouses, dangerous goods container storage yards, and provides professional customs clearance for 

chemical dangerous goods.(Whatsapp:+86 18664663074/ MR NG)


Seacoast Logistics International specializes in the import and export transportation of Class 2, Class 3, Class 4, Class 5, Class 6, Class 7, Class 8, Class 9 chemical dangerous goods.

The following are some types of dangerous goods for export transportation.

Category Name and description
2.1 Class Flammable gases and aerosols
2.2 categories carbon dioxide, tetrafluoromethane and other non-flammable gases
2.3 category sulfur tetrafluoride, carbon monoxide and other toxic gases
3 types of paint, resin and other flammable liquids
4.1 flammable substances such as sulfur
4.2 types of activated carbon flammable substances
4.3 lithium metal and other substances that release flammable gases in contact with water
5.1 class bismuth subnitrate and other oxidizing agents
5.2 organic peroxides such as benzoyl peroxide
6.1 TDI, pesticides and other toxic substances
categories Cesium 137, medical equipment
types of acid and alkali corrosives
9 types of copper sulfate and lithium batteries and other miscellaneous

    We boast our experience and expertise in special cargo delivering,ready to serve you with reliable solutions.

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