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Sea Freight Service from china

The latest special price for Export of chemical products by sea 

    Seacoast Logistics and major shipping companies have close cooperative relations, professional staff will operate in accordance with your request for your timely and accurate tailored to the most efficient mode of transport, and to provide a reasonable tariff for reference.


    Seacoast Logistics uses Huangpu as the main port for the shipment of chemical loading service,

 and has its own chemical dangerous goods trailers, tonnage trucks and associated chemical products storage warehouse

chemical products container storage yards, and provides professional customs clearance for chemical dangerous goods.

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chemicals and dangerous goods export by sea from Guangzhou, Shenzhen in China

operation process:

Information provided by the shipper: .(Whatsapp:+86 18664663074/ MR NG)

1:  sea freight power of attorney 

2:  entry and exit packaging performance inspection results (copy) and entry and exit dangerous goods transport packaging use identification results (original) 

3:  chemical safety technical instructions (MSDS) 

4: customs declaration, customs declaration power of attorney, invoice, contract, commodity inspection inspection power of attorney, packing list.

Operation process and precautions:

A. Inquiry

    The shipper needs to provide MSDS to the shipping company to ask for sea freight rate.

B. Booking

    Before booking, you need to fax the following 3 documents to our company 10 working days in advance:

1、Maritime transport power of attorney.

2、Inshore and outbound dangerous goods transport packaging use identification results (original) and entry and exit packaging performance inspection results (copy).

3, chemical safety technical specifications (MSDS).

Note 1: The shipping power of attorney indicates the name, chemical molecular formula, box type, dangerous goods level (CLASS NO.), UN dangerous goods code (UN NO.), cargo packaging, and special requirements in English and Chinese to facilitate the application of space and dangerous goods maritime declaration; Note

         2: Non-dangerous goods: Chemical Research Institute to do (cargo transportation conditions appraisal), determined as non-dangerous goods. 2. Research Institute to do the cargo transport conditions appraisal; Note 

        3: If it involves transshipment, need to confirm with the shipping company whether there are restrictions in the transit port. provide maritime declaration information, packing, labeling dangerous goods, monitoring and taking photos

    5 working days in advance to send the "inbound dangerous goods transport packaging use identification results (original)" and "packing list" to our company.

    When packing, the container should be labeled with dangerous goods mark (25cm*25cm) and UN NO (30cm*12cm) all around.

    Photo requirements: 1. empty box a 2, loaded half a cabinet; 3, loaded a; 4, loaded reinforced a; 5, half closed a; (with cabinet number, with goods) 6, closed a; (45 degree angle photo, must have a dangerous label) 7, a positive rear sheet

D. the maritime declaration

    With dangerous goods safety applicable declaration, container shipment of dangerous goods packing certificate, entry-exit packaging performance inspection results (copy), entry-exit dangerous goods transport packaging use identification results (original), packing list, photos, etc. to the Maritime Bureau for maritime declaration.

    Note 1. Dangerous goods safety declaration in triplicate, two of which are retained by the declarant and sent to the carrier ship, a copy of the competent authorities to keep. 2. container shipment of dangerous goods packing certificate in duplicate, one submitted to the Maritime Bureau a copy of the carrier.

E.Inspection and customs declaration

    3 days in advance to provide information related to export customs clearance: 1, checklist; 2, invoice; 3, packing list; 4, customs declaration commission; 5, customs declaration; 6, contract, etc. for customs clearance

F:the Maritime Bureau, Customs release the container。


Export areas include the United States and Canada, Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia, India and Pakistan, Japan and Korea, Africa, Central and South America.

    We boast our experience and expertise in special cargo delivering,ready to serve you with reliable solutions.

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