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Guangzhou Seacoast International Freight Forwarding Company takes international air freight export as its core business, providing direct and transit air freight export business of dozens of international famous airlines from Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and other airports all over the world. Air China (HU), China International Airlines (CA) and so on in South China's main sales agent, for many years in Guangzhou cargo volume ranking priority.

Get best rates and for air-freight from China 

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Regional advantage, price advantage, time efficiency advantage and special line service ,Seacoast air freight and logistics is committed to creating 

the best service, the best price and the fastest international air freight service;

specially export fresh cargo by air from china

* The cost to ship by airfreight is usually much lower than the courier services which can be a benefit especially if you have a large load.

* This can be a pretty good option for those shipping requirements that have tight deadlines or need a higher level of security.

* Shipping with airfreight depending on where it’s going, and the schedule of the airlines will usually reach its destination within 2-10 days which isn’t bad for shipping times.

* Once the packages land, there are some additional steps that will need to be taken with customs and documentation that will need to be dealt with instead of the big couriers handling the process for you, but again we can help you with this.

* These are steps that can be outsourced if it’s not something you have the time, energy, patience or know-how to deal with.

We conduct reefer service planning based on market needs andproduct features in different regions.


   Export air freight services, bonded airfreight and air consolidation services, global charter or split charter options and fast track or extended transit.

     With its own airport operation and customer service operation teams in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Shanghai, and its own logistics system, Seacoast International's airfreight services can meet the needs of all businesses and provide customized airfreight solutions to different shippers.

 international air export latest special price,

 [China fly overseas international air service] ultra-low bottom price in the Seacoast international logistics.

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